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Year On gives high school graduates the confidence, clarity, and direction needed to succeed in college.
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The Year On Experience

Be prepared. For wherever life takes you.

The Year On Experience uses guided self-discovery, real-world projects and peer-to-peer learning to equip high school graduates with the skills, tools and habits they need to succeed in college and beyond.

Phase 1: Explore

10 weeks

Tanzania, Mexico, Peru, India, or Indonesia
Leave your comfort zone. Gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Phase 2: Focus

10 weeks

San Francisco
Dive deeper into your interests. Learn how to learn.

Phase 3: Launch

12 weeks

San Francisco
Step into the real world. Put your skills to the test.

How We Do It

The Year On approach

We believe that strong individuals are the key to creating stronger communities. Our activities are built to give you the confidence, grit and self-reliance you need to succeed as a global citizen in tomorrow’s world.
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What you’ll learn

The Year On Experience gives you concrete habits, skills, and tools that will help you succeed in college—and life.
Foundational life skills

Real life takes skills that you probably didn’t learn in high school—get the tools you need to succeed in college and beyond.

  • Confidence and Self-Awareness
  • How to bounce back from rejection
  • How to deal with difficult situation
Tools to navigate the world

We’ll show you where to start, help you figure out where you want to go and how to navigate life’s uncertainties in between.

  • Direction Finding
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Professional skills

Reaching your goals starts with learning how to work smarter. Learn to work efficiently, get things done and make the best use of your time.

  • Productivity
  • Goal setting and follow-through
  • Time management
Year On Benefits

What you’ll walk away with

The work and relationships you take away from this experience will kick start your college journey and last for life.
A portfolio of work

Walk away with a portfolio of real projects that help you build skills in areas that interest you, while demonstrating what you’ve learned to potential colleges and employers.

A community that will last a lifetime

Your Year On community will become your support system—the intense experiences of this unique year forms bonds that last far longer than the program.

Connections that count

You’ll connect with mentors, professionals and Year On alumni in industries you’re interested in who can give you valuable advice, guidance, and opportunities.

A Personal Pathway plan for what comes next

Together, we’ll develop a Personal Pathway Plan—a customized plan that helps you stay accountable, manage your goals and find success as you transition to college life.

The Year On Experience gives you concrete habits, skills, and tools that will help you succeed in college—and life.

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What our
fellows say

“It’s not just the skills you’re learning, but it’s confidence; stuff you have to figure out yourself. People skills; you’re getting to know yourself better. You can’t really teach habits, and personal branding. But the way UnCollege set it up, you’re guiding us to teach ourselves.”

DANNY M., 2016 Fellow

Operations Coordinator, Covo

“When you are at Uncollege you are confronted with your own potential, you are forced to embrace your otherness through travel, your dreams, your small ideas for innovation and are given time to hone in on what exactly that means for yourself and the others around you.”

Kisa M., 2015 Fellow

Residential Muralist

“The thing standing between you and whatever it is you want is the risk or jump that you need to take. UnCollege facilitates that.”

Chance H., 2016 Fellow

Owner H&H Drones

“For some people, school isn’t even in the question—they find learning just through experiences. For me, I feel like I can learn what I learn in school, but experiences like this have taught me as much if not more, just about life in general. It isn’t necessarily a book-smart kind of learning, but more like a worldview of learning.”

LIZZIE Y., 2016 Fellow

Freshman, University of Pennsylvania


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