5 weeks


Our Flexible Experiences are designed to meet you at different stages of life and support as you navigate your next steps. Whether you’re in high school or looking towards retirement, we’ve developed programs for you.


Perfect For

high school junior/senior
trying to decide what college they want to go to

gap year student
trying to get a head start on life after their gap year

college freshman/sophomore
trying to figure out what to major in






Work Sprint


Weekly individual coaching sessions and community events

Curriculum Overview

Perfect For

high school junior/senior

gap year student

college freshman - JUNIOR






Work Sprint


Weekly individual coaching sessions and community events

Curriculum Overview

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If you're thinking about getting ready for your first job, we're here to help.
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This isn’t Zoom-Versity

We make the time we're together count.

Our cohorts are capped at 10 fellows to maximize facilitator to fellow interactions. You'll spend most of your time in small breakout groups so you are constantly "doing." We don't believe in just staring at a screen.

In addition, our fully developed learning platform helps you stay organized and gives you everything you need to get the most out of the Experience. No messy group folders, no searching for video links, no missed calendar invites. Everything in one place all the time.

Platform features
  • All asynchronous content for daily workshops
  • Live classes and ability to schedule video meetings with coaches and staff
  • Community forum for questions, announcements, and DMs

Relevant Content For Today’s World

We teach content that no textbook ever will.

From high level to the nitty gritty, we’re with you every step of the way. Our curriculums are designed to make sure you are prepared for today and tomorrows world. Check out each programs unique offering above.

  • In our Design program  you learn about your Values & How To Build Community
  • In our Foundations program you learn about Financial Wellness & Time Management
  • In our Workplace program you learn about Project Management & How To Have Difficult Conversations

Individualized Coaching

Pro-Athletes and CEOs have coaches, why shouldn’t you?

Every fellow is paired with a coach who works with them once a week to identify their strengths, set goals, and achieve their potential. Our coaches are all professionals who work full time in a range of industries and jobs. We aim to pair fellows with coaches who share similar values and interests.

Our coaches have worked at:

Projects That Mean Something

At Year On, every fellow participates in a Work Sprint: a 48 hour period of time to dive into a topic they love. From art projects, to starting businesses, fellows get creative and come out with a project that they will have in their portfolio forever.

Butterfly Animation

Over 48 hours Naomi worked in Procreate on 17 different layers that stitched together made this short animation.

Gentle Reminderz

Over 48 hours Charlotte and Julia worked on creating an instagram handle to remind GenZ to be kind to themselves.

Why take a gap year?

Over 48 hours Charlie created a video showcasing why his podmates wanted to take a gap year.

Real People and Real Results

Our fellows come from a variety of backgrounds with interests that are all over the map.

"Going into the program, I had hoped to improve some skills here and there and learn more about what I want to do post college, but through the one-on-one coaching from an experienced industry professional, personalized instructing and support from the staff, I have been able to build a strong foundation of experiences, and life and professional skills and that will guide me for many years to come."

My typical daily schedule

9:30 AM

Study Italian

10:00 AM


12:00 PM


3:00 PM


6:00 PM

Part-Time Job

"I didn’t realize a virtual program could go so smoothly and I could learn so much! I’ve gotten so many new opportunities and developed both my personal and professional skills. I’m so grateful for the support Year On gives us and I would recommend the program to anyone looking to gain real-world experience and develop a better sense of self. I believe the people at Year On genuinely want their fellows to grow and succeed."

My typical daily schedule

9:00 AM

Wake up and get ready for the day

10:00 AM

Workshop Prep + Workshop

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Work on my business

5:00 PM

Meet with my coach

6:00 PM

Make dinner for me and my roommate

"My time at Year On has been absolutely awesome. The opportunities I have received have made my time here so worth it and I am so thankful for the choice to be in this program. This program has made me more productive and goal-driven, and I can’t wait for what comes next."

My typical daily schedule

9:00 AM

Internship check-in

10:00 AM

Workshop Prep

11:00 AM


3:00 PM

Internship Meetings

6:00 PM

Community Event


Talk To An Alumni

We want to make sure Year On is the right fit for you.
After you register, you have the opportunity to talk to one of our alumni about the program.

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Have questions about this experience?

How much work is this every week?

Each fast-track learning module is designed to be easily added into an existing schedule of part-time work or other coursework. You should expect to dedicate around 10 hours each week, including two to four hours of preparatory pre-work, four hours of live facilitated workshops, one hour of live community learning review, and 45 minutes of one-on-one coaching.

What is covered during the program?

The Design curriculum includes our most popular workshops in four essential skill modules: foundational skills, taking stock, mapping your life, and leveling up. The full curriculum can be seen here.


The cost of the 5 week Design program is $1,995.


No, but we take care to match our participants with one of our coaches based on a number of factors, the most important of which is impact potential. 

What are Work sprints?

Work sprints are a practical opportunity to apply what you’re learning in a project that you choose, scope, execute, and present. You’ll have two days to take an idea from concept to a finished project. This admittedly short amount of time gives you an opportunity to utilize skills like prioritization, project management, collaboration, and effective presentation techniques.

You can use work sprints to add a specific project to your personal portfolio of work, focus on a new interest, or unpack an old curiosity. There is one 48-hourwork sprint in each Flexible Experience program. 

Examples of past fellows’ work sprint projects include:
* Creation & design of packaging for a  line of breakfast foods
* Photography exhibit comprised exclusively of self-portraits
* Coding the character design for a mobile game
* Electronic music album with 12 original tracks
* Creation of a  women’s empowerment magazine
* Creation of a digital storefront for a small custom clothing business
* Hand-illustrated book of original poetry
* A fully designed cookbook of family recipe comfort foods to eat during pandemic lockdown
* Business plan and wire frame for an on-demand mobile barber service
* Stop-motion video documenting the process of animating a digital drawing
* Documenting the creation and developing the game mechanics of an escape room

What Role do Year On coaches play and how are they matched to students?

Year On coaches are working professionals representing a variety of job fields, many of which will be relevant to the interests to an individual student. While coaches share professional savvy from their own work experiences, their main role is to help students apply the program concepts in the context of the student’s interests. For instance, a skill we focus on in the program like goal setting might be applied differently for a participant interested in entrepreneurship versus another participant focused on the performing arts. It isn’t just about learning the skills; coaching adds the depth and insight and perspective of working professionals that show how those skills can be applied with professional etiquette. Some of the companies at which our coaches are employed full-time include Google, Electronic Arts, Lyft, University of California San Francisco, Airbnb, Newsela, Zapier, Diversibility, Tesla, and Microsoft. We match our participants with a coach based on the potential for maximized learning outcomes.

Where do I go for this Experience?

This Experience is 100% online. Participants will use our learning platform for pre-work, meetings, conferences with coaches, and community discussions.

Can I earn college credit for this program?

Each Flexible Experience program is a configuration of our classic in-person skill-building programs. These programs are specifically built for the online environment with a focus on maximizing peer-to-peer community, delivering a unique set of essential skills along with professional mentorship and coaching to help tailor those skills to each learner’s specific areas of interest. Each program is designed to be taken as a stand-alone though they can also be taken consecutively for students who want to build a comprehensive skill development curriculum.

Academic credit is not available for Flexible Experience programs. However, credit is available for our Year Experience and our Semester Experience.

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