Travel and Education Writer


We are seeking a freelance writer with experience in education, gap years, or travel to write for our blog.

We’re looking for two freelance writers to help write articles for our website around gap years, travel, education, college, and the future of work. We’re looking for a breadth of different types of writing, including: reviews, how-to guides, real-world experiences, opinion pieces, and more.

What's the Role? 

You’ll be expected to come up with story ideas every month, and discuss them with our team. We’ll refine those ideas together, and you’ll then write and submit the articles, along with appropriate images, on an agreed deadline. Article length always varies by topic, but as a rough guide, expect to submit 800-1500 words per piece.Above all, we’re storytellers and value the voice and experience you can bring to your articles to make them uniquely you! We prioritize quality over quantity, so don’t expect these articles to take you half an hour. Based on this, we won’t ask you to submit more than one article a week. If we enjoy the content you produce, we’ll keep you on as a writer for an ongoing commitment.

Who We're Looking For

Our audience consists mainly of high school students, recent college graduates, parents of high schoolers, and college counselors. Your job is to understand the pain points of these folks and write compelling stories that help us form a hub of resources for this community.We’re looking for someone who is passionate about education and travel and wants to share their knowledge with people who are navigating major changes in their lives.Can you come up with a dozen story ideas off the bat? Good! You’ll be expected to brainstorm new ideas for articles that align with our team’s goals. We rely on having your content deliver on time, so punctuality is key.If you’ve read this far and you’re excited about Year On’s mission, we encourage you to apply! Compensation will be based on experience and paid per article.

How to Apply

If you’re not familiar with Year On already, browse around and read a few articles. I encourage you to look at as well to get an understanding of the roots of our company. This will give you an idea of both style and topics we’ve already covered, and help you decide whether you think you’ll be a good fit.

Once you're familiar with us, great! Here’s what you need to do:

- To submit your application please email Julia at and put “Freelance Writing — <your name>” as the subject.

- Tell us a bit about yourself. What gets you excited when it comes to gap years? And education? And anything else in life? What makes you particularly great for this role?

- Outline your writing experience. If you’ve got a blog or other site of your own, pick a few pieces that you think show off your best work. If you contribute elsewhere, again, choose some of your favorite or best articles you’ve written, and link to them.

- What’s the one article you’d most like to write? Bonus points for a catchy headline!

- Got any questions? Drop those in there as well.

If you make it through to our shortlist, we’ll ask you to come up a few other article ideas, and we’ll pick one for you to write up, before making the final decision. Of course, if the article is one we publish, you’ll get paid for it! The deadline for applications is August 31, 2018, so please apply by then if you think this role sounds right for you. If not, we’d really appreciate if you shared the opportunity around — the wider the net, the better the end results!