20 Websites Students Should Bookmark Today

August 1, 2016
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Original post by Rachel Bartee

Learning today is much more varied and engaging as it used to be several decades ago. With easy access to great online resources, you may organize and manage the process in the best possible way.

Whether you intend to go back to your classroom, would like to improve the knowledge of subjects, where you might have missed something out, or just looking for some advice on how to organize your daily studies and life more efficiently, we know how to help you. We have put together 20 websites to make your life easier and more well-organized. Get ready to bookmark!

Educational & Informative Websites

1. Bright Knowledge

A valuable resource that will help you navigate the way through your life by offering information and opportunities for growth. You are going to find useful advice and practical guides on education and career pathways, accommodation and finance, sport and health, and even more.  

2. Brainly

If you are struggling with homework, you need to check out this website, as it will connect you with millions of students and moderators.

3. The Free Library

Its name is pretty self-explanatory. There you will find tons of free books, journals, books, and news articles you can use.

4. The Student Room

With over 1.8 million members and counting, this resource is the biggest online student community there is, where you can get in touch with fellow students and discuss anything. It will provide you with helpful revision tools and thousands of learning resources. You can get advice on any educational or daily issues.  

5. EdX

Here you will find actual courses from some of the best academic institutions in the world, such as Harvard, Berkeley, or MIT. Learn new things or improve your specialty skills according to your schedule.

6. EduGeeks Club

One of the best online writing companies which can help you out of a tough spot by offering essay and paper writing services. Here you may get expert advice and get your last-minute writing ready till the deadline.

7. StudyBlue

Allows you to create flashcards from your studying materials, which will help you and your colleagues quiz each other on difficult subjects.

8. WikiHow

If you are in a constant search to acquire new skills and knowledge, this website is probably the best place to visit, as it has detailed instructions on just about anything you can imagine.

9. Edvisors

Here you will find all the information you need to know when planning your finances, as well as figuring out ways of paying for your college education. It will provide you with a set of financial tools to calculate, organize and plan better your college expenses.

10. Cheatography

Your one-stop shop if you are looking for quick references, cheats sheets, and revision aids on almost anything.

11. Coggle.it

Visualize your ideas through mind mapping techniques using the app’s clever interface. Share your ideas with your friends and college mates. You can use it to make structured notes during your seminars and classes.

12. iStudiez Pro

Never fall behind schedule with this effective planner app. Get your home assignments organized and done on time with help of smart notifications. Easily track your progress with a GPA calculator.

Daily Life & Miscellaneous Websites

13. Mint

A useful web app which will help you create and maintain your budgets effortlessly.

14. Student Recipes

Surviving on fast food alone is not an option, and this website will teach you how to cook something every once in a while.

15. Student Health

While not a replacement for your doctor, this place can help you out with plenty of information on how to lead a healthy, happy life.

16. Save The Student

Offering financial news and advice for students, as well as tips on how to save and earn money as a student.

17. Student Rate

You will find tons of great deals here on almost any item a student might need, ranging from computers to clothes.

18. Habitica

Develop good habits in everyday life and education by treating them as an RPG game with this useful resource. Turn your tasks into little monsters you have to beat and get prizes to reward your efforts.    

19. Instructables

This website will help you learn to fix anything, whether it’s a leaky faucet or your computer. Create own featured instructions to share with others.

20. Student Beans

This website will save you a lot of money by informing you about all the latest discounts and sales.

We hope this quick guide will help you navigate your life as a student more easily. Feel free to share with us some of the sites you find useful in the comment section below. Thank you!  

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