Meet the Fellows: Madelyn and Taking the Most Out of a Gap Year

May 25, 2018
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#GapYearDecisionDay is May 25th! As students from around the world prepare to share their gap year plans, we wanted to highlight some of the reasons our current fellows decided to take a gap year.

Today, we spoke with a Cohort 12 fellow, Madelyn, about the advice she would give to potential gappers and the things she did during her gap year.

Year On: What advice do you have for students who are thinking about taking a gap year?

Madelyn: For students who are thinking about taking a gap year I would say go for it. There is no better time to do it than now to take a year off and focus on yourself and doing things you never had time to do.

Year On: What have you learned during your gap year?

Madelyn: Over this year I learned so much about myself and pushed myself to new levels that I didn't know I could go to. I learned how to be a self advocate for myself and take life on to the fullest. I got a new voice, a confident one that wasn’t afraid to reach out, self-promote, and ask for help. By being able to self-direct my learning and do things that I was interested and passionate about I saw a whole new side to myself. I was uncertain in the beginning if I should take a gap year but now I come out of this year so grateful for everything that I have learned and am ready to use my new mindset and all the skills I developed.

Year On: What are you working on now during your Internship phase?

Madelyn: Right now I am interning at 2 companies, one at Sunset Magazine in Oakland as a Social Media Intern and the other at EO Products as a Digital Marketing Intern in Marin County. Each one is very different in their own way and I still learn new things everyday! :)

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