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The Year On Experience

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Year On provides educational programs for young adults who are looking to gain confidence, clarity, and direction in their next steps. We currently have two program offerings.


The Year Experience is a three-phase program where students explore and volunteer abroad, focus on their interests and build skills in San Francisco, and launch themselves into the “real world” with the support of their Year On coaches and community.



The Semester Experience is designed to appeal to students who are looking for a shorter gap. During our Semester Experience, students will travel abroad to work on a service learning project, and then come to San Francisco to build skills with the support of a coach.

program overview

About our programs

Year On programs are broken into phases that focus on concrete habits, skills, and tools that will help you succeed in college—and life.

Phase 1: Explore

5 or 10 weeks

Tanzania, Peru, India, Mexico or Indonesia
Leave your comfort zone. Gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Phase 2: Focus

10 weeks

San Francisco

Dive deeper into your interests. Learn how to learn.

Phase 3: Launch*

12 weeks

Any Location

Step into the real world. Put your skills to the test.

*Year Experience Only

Our approach to learning

We believe that strong individuals are the key to creating stronger communities. Our activities are built to give you the confidence, grit and self-reliance you need to succeed as a global citizen in tomorrow’s world. Our experiential learning process is built upon four pillars that work together to create the environment and context for experiential learning to occur.

Partner With Us

Our first program launches in fall 2017. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you turn your students into tomorrow’s leaders.
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